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Subscribers to "always on" Net connections aren't using any protection--like a firewall or antivirus software--to keep their PCs secure from theft and damage. Surveys reveal that 50 percent of broadband subscribers (including digital subscriber line, cable, and satellite services) do not have intrusion protection. Users do not realize that even if their browser is closed they are still vulnerable to attacks. You need to take the same precautions as you would with your house or car: lock it to prevent unauthorized access. You need a FIREWALL and ANTI-VIRUS software.

Personal digital information--like credit card and bank account numbers--is often stored in PCs, which makes it a good target if it lacks protection.

Firewall programs help keep intruders from entering your PC through the Internet or another network, and prevent unauthorized data from entering or leaving your system. Firewalls are not expensive and are easy to install and configure for the average user. The best ones are transparent once up and operating. An even greater risk is that your broadband-enabled PC will be commandeered for use by third parties in attacks that disable personal and commercial Web sites, much like the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on Yahoo and EBay last year.

The number of 'scanners' is increasing every day. It is widely accepted that there are 2000 to 3000 programs actively on the Internet at all times, looking for unprotected connections.

Firewalls alone won't protect you from viruses. Task dashboard, several recent viruses have been widely spread as e-mail attachments. , project manager dashboard Antivirus software is available from a variety of security companies.

Antivirus software vendors urge customers to update the virus definitions frequently, because hackers are always coming up with new tactics to frustrate unsuspecting computer owners. The antivirus vendors are usually quick to add protection from new viruses as they emerge. Get the protection you need.

SafeSmart Software is building a large database of firewall, virus protection, and other online security products. Browse the site to get more information and find all, tasks dashboard, the online security software you need to protect yourself and your PC.

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