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Everyone will agree that having a good knowledge of English language is an essential requirement in the modern world. Grammar is a vital part of English language; one might even say it is the essence of the language. Most of the people know the grammatical rules extremely well but face a difficulty when using them in sentences. This situation is familiar to most of the non-native speakers trying to excel in grammar. However, you are not alone so never be discouraged. By following the 5 simple methods below, you will be an expert in grammar sooner than you ever imagined. Read in English This is the best, entertaining way to improve your grammar.

, project collaboration tools By reading you can see how all the grammar rules are being practiced. Pay close attention to what you read & try to understand why a sentence is written in a certain way. When you read, you not only understand how grammar is used in a context, but also improve your vocabulary. Reading & becoming a professional at grammar is more closely linked than you think. Reading many different genres such as newspapers, biographies, academic journals or history will help you discover many new words. Do not hesitate to search those words in the dictionary & see how they are being used in sentences. Speak in English This is something many people are reluctant to do, thinking they are not good at speaking.

But this is one of the most effective ways to improve your grammar. You can start by speaking in English with a friend or exposing yourself to an English speaking environment & your speaking skills will significantly improve. Identify common mistakes, what are more difficult grammar points for you & use them correctly, when you speak. Tracking tasks, remember: practice makes it perfect! Write in English One of the easiest ways to do this is by keep writing a daily journal. After some time, read what you have written & see if you can make any improvements or add something to it. Technology has made this even simpler, as you can keep writing your journal on your smartphone wherever & whenever you want.

Do grammar exercises To learn grammar well you need to practice each rule until you can use it with ease. Do exercises which have answers & correct them by yourself. The internet is a marvelous tool for this as educational websites offer many online activities as quizzes, puzzles & many more for enthusiastic learners. Listen in English Radio channels such as BBC broadcast in excellent, professional English. Also you can download audiobooks & listen to them on your tablet or smartphone. As a result of continuously listening to these kinds of programs you will discover how you start to reflect the speech & sentence patterns you hear, automatically improving you grammar skills. These are 5 simple steps you can follow without much effort & see immediate results.

Moreover, the technology has made this process much easier & everything is at the tip of our fingers. Although it is understandable that to use grammar correctly it may take time & require pract ice, always be positive & keep following the above 5 steps & you will begin to see your improvement.

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